Posy bowl in gift box featuring peach Roses, pink Lisianthus, Easter Daisy, Camellia.
 Teapot arrangement featuring pink Rose, pale mauve Chrysanthemum, Easter Daisy, Gum.
 Wrapped native posy featuring red Waratah, Everlasting Strawflowers, Wax Flower, Gum.
 Hand tied floral sheaf featuring bright pink Snapdragons, pink and purple Tulips, pale and hot pink Roses, Erlicheer Jonquils, purple Lisianthus, Lavender, Blushing Bride, Thryptomine, Ivy Berry, Peppercorn.
 Springtime wrapped bunch featuring hot pink Roses, white Chrysanthemum, white Spray Roses, Queen Anne's Lace, pink Carnations, Sweet William, Thryptomene, pale pink Blossoms, Silver Suede, Gum.
 Organic posy featuring purple Ornamental Kale, coral Carnations, Matricaria, Liquid Amber, Gum, Granny Smith Apples.
 Wrapped organic posy
 Cellophane wrapped rose with jute bow.
 Cellophane wrapped pink and yellow striped Rose with Emu grass.
 Wrapped presentation sheaf featuring purple Gladioli, Magnolia, Gum, Monstera.
 Mothers Day bowl featuring pink Roses, white Lisianthus, pink Oriental Lily, Ivy Berry.
 Gift basket featuring pale pink Gerbera, pale mauve Rose, green Sea Holly, Silver Suede, After Dark, Gum.
 Gift basket featuring pink Protea, Leucadendron, Ivy Berry, Gum.
 Sunshine and Blue Sky. Hand tied posy featuring bright yellow Sunflowers, blue Iris, yellow Jonquils, Goldenrod, Magnolia, Cordyline.
 Sunshine and Blue Sky, viewed from above
 Hand tied floral sheaf featuring purple Delphinium, white Stock, pale pink Mini Gerberas, Wax Flower, Camellia, Box Foliage.
 Floral sheaf arrangement featuring purple Delphinium, white Stock, pale pink Mini Gerberas, Wax Flower, Camellia, Box Foliage.
 Funeral casket flowers featuring white Roses, white Carnations, white Stock, Wax Flower, Silver Suede, Viburnum.
 Funeral casket flowers viewed from above
 Decorative wreath featuring white and pale mauve Chrysanthemum, burgundy Sweet William, pink and coral Carnations, Wax Flower, Camellia, Box Foliage.
 Christmas wreath table centrepiece, featuring white Chrysanthemums, Christmas bush, Wax flower, Gum, Moss, red Apples, Cinnamon sticks.
table wreath candle.jpg
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